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Chicago, Illinois



Verónica Casado Hernandez

Moki Tantoco with After School Matters


List if Students

Adam B.

Aneliz C.

Maggie D.

Kellee D.

Justin F.

Alexandra F.

Rena F.

Adanelly G.

Charis G.

Joseph L.

Julia M.

Arrie M.

Mackera M.

Victoire M.

Emilia M.

Taja R.


The National Veterans Art Museum located in Chicago, IL runs a visual arts program for Chicago teens in partnership with After School Matters. Each semester teens ages 14-18 learn and hone professional and interpersonal skills, while engaging in social art practice methods. In the summer and fall of 2020, under the instruction of artist Verónica Casado Hernandez,  the program focused on arts and social justice. In previous in-person programming the teens created protest banners inspired by the Protest Banner Lending Library. In the Summer 2020, during the first remote programming the teens took a spin on the protest banners, creating protest t-shirts to wear during the new all virtual environment. In addition the students looked at the Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can't to symbolically vote and make artwork around disenfranchisement and voting. 

Artwork and photos by students Maggie, Rena, Adams, Victoire, Alex, Justin, Aneliz, and Taja

Artwork and photos by students Arrie, Adanelly, Victoire, Mackera, Adam, Alexandra, Julia, and Emilia. Group photo by Verónica Casado Hernandez

Verónica Casado Hernandez is a visual artist, educator, and cultural historian. Her work includes installation and performance in which she investigates constructions of identity in western nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and their outcomes and parallels in the present day.  She has exhibited and lectured internationally. Casado Hernandez was a Hatch Resident at the Chicago Artist Coalition, and a Hyde Park Arts Center Bridge and Program resident. 

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