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Evanston, Illinois



Kemone Hendricks -

Anne joined Kemone, a local activist, on voter registration drives in Evanston, IL for the Democratic Party of Evanston in the runup to the November 2020 election. They activated the kit four times, setting up a OUVS at all four events directly alongside Kemone's voter registration table. The following are dates and locations of the activations:

Images by Anne Hayden Stevens

Activation Dates:

9/19/2020 YoFresh, a local Black-owned business in Evanston

10/10/2020 The Margarita Hotel, a local independent hotel transitioned to homeless housing during the pandemic

10/10/2020 CEDA, Erie Family Health Center and the city of Evanston Clinic: outdoor flu shot clinic, joined by census workers

10/17/2020 Women's March: local event at a park in Evanston IL

Kemone Hendricks is the founder and creator of Evanston Present and Future, Evanston’s Juneteenth Parade and Mari&Mari Enterprise. She is a mother, generalist, creator, critical thinker, non profit leader, community organizer, digital marketing and events business owner, social justice activist, social entrepreneur and spiritual being. each.


Anne Hayden Stevens is a painter and printmaker working outside Chicago, IL. She curates exhibitions in Evanston with artist Mat Rappaport as Side/Lot Curatorial, and is on the planning committee for the Terrain Biennial/Terrain Exhibitions. She holds a BFA in Drawing & Printmaking from California College of the Arts, and a MA in Visual Studies from UC Berkeley. Anne is a member of the Wilmette League of Women Voters and is a founding member of NT Local, a township-wide non-partisan organization combating dark money in local politics.

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