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Protest Garment Lab


I collaborate with artists, fashion designers, and activists to create garments that have hidden protest banners within them. These garments are made to protect the wearer of the garments. When they are opened up, they highlight a moment of transformation and embolden the wearer of the garment. This is an ongoing and growing project. Currently, I have worked with six collaborators and groups to create more than twenty garments.

Ni Una Mas, Ni Una Menos, Protest Garment Lab featuring Miranda Betancourt, 2021. 
Fight the Real Enemy, Protest Garment Lab featuring Eric Guy, 2021. 
Capitalism Sucks, Protest Garment Lab featuring Eric Guy, 2021. 
Please watch the first 3 minutes of this video: 
Protest Garment Lab featuring Woori Sori (Our Voice), 2022. 
Woori Sori (Our Voice) is an intergenerational all women’s Korean Pungmul drumming group that I am a member of. Pungmul is not only designed for performance but creates a space to celebrate the lives of all individuals and communities and lift up collective power. We wear these Protest Garment Lab garments and perform in them in performances, political actions, and community celebrations.
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