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Kansas City, KS, USA

Steve Snell
Jean Schmitt
Rachel Ferber
Rodrigo Carazas Portal
Sherry Sparks

Steve Snell set up two Official Unofficial Voting Stations in Kansas City Art Institute’s Foundation buildings. Foundation is a year-long immersive experience that prepares first-year students to fully and rigorously engage a creative life. Both pop ups were located in the main entrance areas, where they would encounter more student traffic. COVID restrictions, mainly the need for space and social distancing limited their ability to activate the voting stations in a more public, collaborative way. Five professors in the Foundation Department has their classes participate: Steve Snell, Jean Schmitt, Rachel Ferber, Rodrigo Carazas Portal, and Sherry Sparks.

The kit was also used in conjunction with a collaborative flag making project that happened across campus. This project allowed students an opportunity to share beliefs, concerns, and visions ahead of the 2020 election. About two hundred flags were eventually installed on the front lawn of the Campus Library for the weeks preceding the election. This project also coincided with Aram's campus lecture. Steve’s students, along with other classes, watched the lecture before designing their own banners/ flags. Each class had slightly different parameters on this project, for example, Steve’s dealt with color theory and composition.Steve Snell calls his work adventure art. This adventure and community-based practice has led him to variety of experiences, ranging from floating the Connecticut River in a couch-boat to a random encounter with Alec Baldwin while hiking across Western Massachusetts.

About organizer Steve Snell:
In 2014, Steve was an official artist-in-residence along the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska and British Columbia, which was sponsored by the National Parks Service and Parks Canada. His work has been shown in galleries and film festivals throughout the United States, including the Aspen Shorts Fest and the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe. Steve earned his M.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2011) as well as a B.F.A. in Painting / B.S. in Art Education from Miami University (2006).

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