Miranda Betancourt, Eric Guy, Andrea Miros Ramírez, Patricia Fonseca Monteiro (with PrintRoom), Asiya Toorawa, Woori Sori (Our Voice)

For Protest Garment Lab, I am collaborating with other artists, fashion designers, and makers to create garments to be activated and worn during protest. The garments have hidden protest banners and slogans created within them to protect the wearer of the garments. When they are opened up, they highlight a moment of transformation and embolden the wearer of the garment. This is an ongoing and growing project. The first iteration of this project with Miranda Betancourt, Eric Guy and Andrea Miros Ramírez was made with the support of Loyola University, Chicago. Videography by Milo Mendoza. 

Ni Una Mas Ni Una Menos by Miranda Betancourt

Mi Baile es Mi Llanto de Guerra by Andrea Ramírez

Fight the Real Enemy by Eric Guy 

Tax the Rich by Miranda Betancourt

Capitalism Sucks by Eric Guy 

Who is Free in the Land of the Free? by Asiya Toorawa